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  • Best sandwiches in Northern Virginia
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  • Best sandwiches in Northern Virginia
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January Fab Four

Crave a new flavor? These four sandwiches will only be at Earl’s this month.

Fish & Fries
(Back by popular demand) Deep-fried cod served on ciabatta with chipotle mayo, sweet pickle chips a splash of malt vinegar and French fries served inside of the sandwich. $8.99

Grilled Salmon Winter Salad
Atlantic salmon filet grilled to order, served over a mixture of field greens, candied walnuts and sliced green apples, and topped with white balsamic cranberry vinaigrette. $8.99

Kimchi Pork Press
Kimchi, tender sliced pork loin and warm gruyere cheese on pressed ciabatta. $8.99

Braised Leg of Lamb
Served on a fresh, locally baked rustic roll with white-bean-and-green-onion relish and a side of sundried tomato dipping sauce. $9.99

Why Earls is Better

We’re sandwich nerds. I started Earl’s in 2005 with a sandwich-joint manifesto: We will roast our beef, pork and turkey fresh -- no sliced deli meats here. Soups will be homemade, and we'll bake cookies fresh every day. Oh, and we'll serve breakfast sandwiches all day. It's ten years later -- how are we doing?


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